Monday, 2 September 2013

Quirky 31 Day Challenge - Day 2 Pastel

Hi everyone,

Today I have my Day 2 Pastel entry for the Quirky 31 Day Challenge.

I was so excited to get my 9 bottles of Picture Polish two weeks ago, it was a present to myself for completing a weight goal I set. One of those beautiful little bottles contains 'Honeydew.' I am in love with this colour... it's dreamy and half way between a pastel and a bright. I find that with my skin tone pastels can sometimes make me look grey, so this is the perfect colour for olive skin.

I have used;
Basecoat - Seche Clear
Three coats of Picture Polish 'Honeydew'
Topcoat - Seche Vite

The formula is a little tricky on the first coat. By the second coat you have a nice coverage and the third coat levels out perfectly. No bald spots. Just a dreamy creamy manicure. Picture Polish shades are Australian made, 3 free, not tested on animals, cruelty free and vegan. You can find their shades here. Be sure to check out their Everyday Deals page too... I got 9 bottles for the price of 7!

I was going to do some stamping over my base colour, but it was too pretty! I might start off slow for the beginning of the challenge and work my way up since I will be posting once a day for a whole month.

Please check out the other ladies joining me in the Quirky 31 Day Challenge:

Do you sometimes just appreciate a colour on it's own too? Are you a fan of pastels?

Happy polishing!

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