Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Nfu Oh 'NFU 51' Swatch

Hi everyone,

Today I have for you a super shiny gorgeous duochrome flakie manicure... yes, it's Nfu Oh 'NFU 51'!

I have had this on my wishlist for ages after seeing swatches and I just found out that the flakie range is being discontinued. Luckily my online shop had the three polishes I really wanted, so I snapped them up quick smart.

I have used:
Basecoat - OPI Nail Envy in Original
Two coats of China Glaze 'Liquid Leather'
One coat of Nfu Oh 'NFU 51'
Topcoat - Seche Vite

As you can see in the bottle, the base is a jelly blue/purple (or blurple) with duochrome flakie pieces. The flakies transition in the light from red to orange to yellow to green. It is just an amazing polish, I could not stop staring at my nails. Can you see the pretty? *sigh*

Even the bottle is pretty! I cant wait to try this over a purple base and see the effect I can get... Can you tell I am impressed? I hope they come up with a new flakie range, because I will definitely be snapping those up straight away. 

Do you own any flakie polishes? Which one is your favourite?

Happy polishing!



  2. Ahhh! It reminds me of my sister's nail polish she had years ago. I've never found or seen another one like it again, until now! Where do you get your polishes from?


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